About this movement ?


Why this movement ?

Climate Change is the biggest threat to humanity in this century. We had a lot of talks and now it needs an action. It is very important that we have movements which has measurable and scientific activities which brings desired results to reduce climate change.

The biggest root cause is higher carbon and other environmental footprint. We need to reduce all of our footprint. Ultimate goal of this movement is to reduce footprint & restore all damage done to climate.

The biggest source of higher CO2 emission is fossil fuels. Using Cycle reduces that much emission. Hence Cycling is the simplest and powerful action make people aware about the fossil fuel burning. All people start using cycle as much as possible, we can reduce all of our carbon footprint drastically.

We have used environmental resources to convert them into products for our consumption and at end we converted them into waste mountains. Recycle is the most effective tool to reduce our footprints. We have now enough waste available to convert them into our day to day life products with using a tool of recycling. We can reduce further cutting of trees, mining, cutting, exploiting environmental resources.


What you have to do ?

  • Compulsory participation in Know Your Carbon Footprint Training.
  • Measure your carbon footprint after training and publish it on your social media keeping cycle.recycle social media in loop.
  • Publish your reduced carbon footprint target.
  • Change your lifestyle and start becoming ambassador of this movement by using cycle at least once in a week & ensure  recycling of all of your waste with not throwing anything in municipality bin. Don't feed your local garbage mountain from your side.
  • Recycle doesn't stop by just giving waste for recycling, cycle gets only complete when you use recycled products so the waste gets consumed. 
  • Always measure your footprint reduction month on month due to all of your lifestyle changes and report.
  • Keep on spreading awareness by cycling and recycling in your area community, office, friend circle. Get more volunteers joining this movement and get them on training.
  • Once you become expert in measuring your individual carbon footprint, all will be given a chance to go to corporate, industries, governments, schools, universities, hotels, hospitals and many more to explain them the importance of measurement of their Carbon footprint. Help them measuring it and reporting it to our movement. 
  • Help them reduce their footprint wih the help of basic tool of cycle & recycle plus other advanced action lists.
  • Keep on sharing new learning and motivate others to perform their correct climate action.


What we will do ?

  • Create a core committee / group who will start managing the whole movement. It may be you also part of this.
  • Create a core constitution, framework, roles and responsibilities among the volunteering members.
  • Create a scientific training program with in depth details on carbon footprint science of measurement.
  • Arrange for a theory and practical workshop every month and inform the group accordingly to attend it.
  • Create a common form for all to calculate their individual carbon footprint with all formulas, base data etc.
  • Keep on modifying and improvise on carbon footprint measurement formula and form as per everybody's feedback.
  • Create a total carbon footprint measurement report and  publish it across digital media, print and television media.
  • Create a reward and recognition framework and reward plus recognize those achievers every month.
  • Control the whole movement & document all work done for future references.
  • Create a formal structure to collaborate locally and globally. 
  • Create a big impact all together with measurement and reporting structure - making the whole world to follow this movement.


Start with knowledge

 Do you Want to Understand the science behind climate change?

Do you Want to know your carbon footprint?

Do you Want to live a low carbon footprint lifestyle?

Do you want to become role model and inspire others to life a low carbon footprint lifestyle?

If you answered yes! then this workshop is for you.

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